Pürovel Products


Discover our Swiss-made Purövel bath products and massage oils, whose ingredients grow in a Swiss Alpine garden.

Rapeseed fields are to Switzerland what lavandin fields are to Provence. Every spring, they blanket Switzerland’s countryside in yellow. Both beautiful and useful, the seeds from this flowering grass are ideal for skin care thanks to their easy absorption.

This plant’s leaves may be yellowish white, but they’re almost as valuable as gold. In fact, the products extracted from this plant’s essential oil are so expensive that the balm is rarely used today, despite its soothing qualities.

Real lavender (as opposed to lavandin from Provence) grows at high elevations (1000 m) and is cultivated in small crops. Its oil can both relax and stimulate due to its flowery fragrance, and it is one of the most important oils in aromatherapy.

The leaves of the Monarda offer a sweet rose scent with a hint of lavender. With its pink flowers, it makes a pleasing potpourri and is also used in culinary circles for flavouring teas, decorating cakes, and more.

If it smells sensual in here then we can thank clary sage. This slightly spicy fragrant essential oil gives many perfumes their sensory flair. It relieves headaches, muscle tension, and arouses desire.

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