Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach

Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach

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Swissotel Resort, Bodrum Beach Signature Treatments

Nothing reflects our unique Alpine inspiration better than a visit to our Pürovel Spa & Sport for one of our signature treatments. Float away as our expert therapists use natural essential oils from Alpine meadows to nourish and revitalise your body with an Alpine Meadow Massage. The luxurious aromatherapy combined with experienced fingertip pressure will massage away all traces of strain and stress. For deep tissue treatment to relieve deep aches and pains, the Hot Stone Massage transfers natural heat from the smooth stones deep into the body’s tissue. Alternatively, try the Swiss Mountain Massage, a holistic treatment to strengthen muscle, open the respiratory passages and calm the mind. It’s all part of the Swissotel service.

Pürovel Mountain Stone Massage

Pürovel Mountain Stone Massage, View Details

Wellbeing Muscle Recovery Massage

Wellbeing Muscle Recovery Massage, View Details

Refreshing Relaxation Massage

Refreshing Relaxation Massage, View Details