When you travel, you may feel far from your comfort zone. True to our Swiss heritage, we invite you to slow down just for a while and rediscover your awareness of those aspects of life that we all appreciate but tend to forget – be in the moment, with a little help from us. We have crafted & illustrated six beautiful postcards that will inspire your mind and spark joy. They are accompanied by podcasts reflecting on six different themes: Authenticity, Vitality, Calm, Hospitality, Tradition, Clarity.

Download your favourite theme and take a minute out of your busy schedule to colour in your own postcard – an exercise proven to slow you down - while listening to the matching podcast. We will then carefully send it off to a person of your choosing.

This is our idea of vitality, of how we can live a more sustainable and mindful life. A small idea can go a long way. And so can sparks of joy!

If you would like to learn more about how to travel mindfully, you can read our infographic here.


Sound bites by Myriam Zumbühl
The inspirational podcasts are curated by Myriam Zumbühl. The Swiss journalist and film producer is CEO and founder of Harvest Productions. In all aspects of her work, she explores inspiring questions at the centre of human life: how do we want to live; how can we live a rich and sustainable life for ourselves and our environment?


Art by Sebastian Fässler
The beautifully design postcards are curated by Sebastian Fässler, a well-known Appenzell-based goldsmith, illustrator and Alpine craftsman. He takes his inspiration from traditional Swiss design. With a broad horizon and a keen interest in current trends, he draws on Switzerland’s cultural heritage to craft modern accessories. Fässler also produced the ornamental silver accessories for the Swissotel doorman uniform.


Postcards and Podcast to download and listen to