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BERLIN, Mar 2012

At Swissôtel Berlin, stressed business executives and guests with sleeping problems will in future be offered the chance to try the DeepSleep Package. The package is part of the Chrono-Health Concept developed by sleep consultant Dr. Michael Feld in collaboration with Swissôtel Berlin and available as an exclusive offer. This optional extra can be booked from now on. The DeepSleep Package, which costs €60.00 on top of the regular room rate, aids healthy sleep – and may even help guests lose weight. The DeepSleep Package is a science-based concept to promote biological, psychological and physiological regeneration by means of a special combination of effective measures such as light therapy, power napping, breathing thin air, aromatherapy, selected dietary supplements and sleep improvement with the aid of binaural beats.

The “DeepSleeper” starts their day with a 30-minute session in front of a bright light lamp (10,000 lux). Alternatively, guests who do not like to sit still can use the “light-to-go” made by Valkee, which is designed as a headset. Before breakfast, the guest also receives a power drink created by Executive Chef Danijel Kresovic containing a combination of herbs designed to have an energising effect. An aromatherapy session is also carried out using lemongrass essences and citrus oils. Smells penetrate directly into the parts of the brain that deal with emotions, bypassing the cerebrum. Therefore aromas can be a powerful stimulus and – if used correctly – can have a vitalising effect. Together, these three components result in enhanced performance, mood and fitness – enabling the guest to feel more awake and enjoy a greater sense of vitality.

During their lunch break, the stressed-out manager can replenish their energy reserves for the afternoon in Swissôtel Berlin’s PowerNap Lounge. Most people experience a metabolic low between 2.00pm and 4.00pm which can be successfully bridged with the aid of a power nap. The napping couches - “Inemuri Loungers” made by Eurofoam - were developed in cooperation with physiotherapists and sleep experts and are specially shaped for optimum power napping. The pleasant 20-30 minute rest for the body, mind and soul, combined with a relaxing colour and sound ambiance, leaves the guest feeling recuperated and able to perform better in the afternoon and, if done regularly, can even reduce the risk of a heart attack.

A 30-minute evening session of breathing thin air from a special mountain air generator in the PowerNap Lounge is designed to reduce mental and physical tension levels. Inhaling thin air causes nitrogen monoxide – which widens blood vessels and aids relaxation – to be released into the bloodstream, resulting in lower blood pressure and a pleasant sense of relaxation, which in turn promotes deeper sleep. These components are again complemented with a special DeepSleep Drink, which this time contains a blend of herbs designed to help wind down the body and mind. The late-evening aromatherapy session is based on calming aromas such as lavender and geranium. If the “DeepSleeper” also wishes to lose weight, it is possible to use the thin air device on a treadmill. Exercising in thin air increases the fat burn rate by up to 30 percent. Finally, to help the guest reach the DeepSleep phase, the normal pillow is replaced with a special “sound pillow” which plays sounds known as “binaural beats” which increase the level of relaxing sleep brainwaves, making it easier to achieve a restful sleep.


About Dr. Michael Feld
Dr. Michael Feld, from near Cologne, is a member of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (“DGSM”). He studied medicine in Cologne, and received his doctor’s degree in 2000. He began his career at the Nordseeklinik Westerland/Sylt, where he and a colleague ran the sleep laboratory. In 2005 he qualified as general practitioner, and in 2007 was officially recognised as a sleep specialist (DGSM). In January 2009 Dr. Feld set up his own practice for holistic general and sleep medicine in Frechen-Königsdorf and is now registered as a sleep specialist with the medical association of North-Rhine Westphalia. In 2011, he opened his second practice in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Feld is one of four editors working on “Schlaf & Stress”, a new magazine for the medical profession soon to be released (the first edition will be published in spring 2013 by Schattauer-Verlag, Stuttgart), and he also writes for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and other publications. He also makes regular TV appearances on programmes such as “Der Gesundmacher” (WDR) and “Die Ärzte” (ZDF).


Swissôtel Berlin
Swissôtel Berlin is located on West Berlin’s world-famous promenade, the Kurfürstendamm, with countless cafés, shops, theatres and cinemas as well as tourist attractions such as the Gedächtniskirche right on its doorstep. The hotel, which has ten conference rooms for up to 350 people, is a contemporary building designed by architects Gerkan, Marg & Partner. Special events can be held in the Event Kochstudio 44. The linear interior architecture of Swissôtel Berlin with its 316 elegantly appointed rooms is complemented by the hotel’s own olfactory design and regularly changing exhibitions of works by modern artists. At Restaurant 44, which offers a timeless ambiance and a view of the Ku’damm, Executive Chef Danijel Kresovic has made a name for himself with his open kitchen, innovative presentation and fresh, local ingredients – 35 exquisite herbs are grown specially for the head chef’s dishes in the herb garden on the roof terrace. Further information can be found at www.swissotel.com/berlin/.

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