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Zurich, Sep 2015

Healthy menu options while on the road can be a struggle for many travellers, especially as global jetsetters don’t always have time on their side. With a commitment to help travellers to “Live it well”, Swissotel Hotels & Resorts offers guests a diverse and delicious beverage menu featuring fruit juices and smoothies inspired by wholesome, nutritious and revitalizing ingredients. Perfect for a quick meeting break, a morning kick-start or an aperitif before dinner, the brand’s Vitality Juice & Smoothie menu is sure to delight while providing guests with healthy boosts to fight common colds, fatigue and even seasonal allergies. Featured at Swissotel properties worldwide, each Vitality Juice & Smoothie menu has a unique and local spin on the traditional beverage option, customizing in a way to suit the needs of every guest to further benefit the enjoyment of their own quality of life.

The benefits of juicing are increasingly relevant for today’s traveller and often include seasonal ingredients and Superfoods to assist guests in maintaining optimal health during and after their stay. For example, ever-hydrating watermelon and rich tomatoes act as a relief from sunburn; zesty lemons fight fevers and boost the immune system and magnesium filled power greens, parsley and chard increase muscle strength, all benefiting the vital lifestyle of Swissotel guests worldwide.

Swissotel Büyük Efes, Izmir in Turkey offers guests a truly unique behind-the-bar experience by providing guests with the opportunity to make their very own vitality smoothie or juice. A hands-on experience, guests get the chance to discover the secrets behind making the most delicious, healthy and refreshing berverages under the expert tutelage of the hotel’s acclaimed bar manager. As the only hotel in the city to offer such a novel experience, guests and locals can enjoy creating their own Vitality drinks at the beautiful Sky Bar on the 9th floor of the hotel every Thursday evening.

As almost any seasonsed traveller can attest, a long day of sightseeing or meetings often requires an extra boost of energry. Swissotel Zurich in Switzerland offers guests an opportunity to recharge via a Daily Energy Booster at the hotel’s “farm to table” style restaurant, Le Muh. The Le Muh team offers a rotating mix of daily Liquid Vitamins in the restaurant as well as during event coffee breaks. The most popular among the vitamin boosters is the Green Power Smoothie, which is loaded with fiber-filled Goji berries and cold fighting ginger. As scientifically proven, Goji berries are the most nutritionally dense fruit in the world and are a unique superfood in that they contain all essential amino acids and a high concentration of protein and vitamin C. Ginger, known to promote energy circulation in the body, helps to maintain normal blood circulation and increases the body’s metabolic rate.

Swissotel Berlin offers a refreshing break during meetings with its signature house made lemonade. The very simple, yet tasty treat is mixed up with only three ingredients: natural sugar, mineral water and freshly pressed lemon juice. This healthy treat is guaranteed to give guests an extra boost of energy during a long day. When requests come in from planners to add some extra flair or nutrients, the hotel’s brigade of mixologists are ready to enhance the lemonade with fresh raspberries and pineapple for a boost of vitamin C or even thyme to lower blood pressure – the perfect treat to break up the day!

Swissotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok offers a complete juice and smoothie selection on the hotel’s Vitality menu. The hotel uses Mai Si Honey, a local product from a nearby island kept amidst coconut plantations. Gathered only once a year, this natural sweetener is used in many of the hotel’s signature drinks. From refreshing options such as Salad in a Glass, action packed with celery, red pepper and alfalfa sprouts; The Soother featuring orange and honey and The Date Shake, filled with dates, soy milk and mango enriched with vitamin B, there is a flavour suited for every palette as no ingredient is off limits. Taken between meals, the menu’s Vitality Shots are a great option for a quick fix. A great example is the ginger and pineapple shot, which reduces sinus congestion and is an effective remedy for many digestive issues. It is suggested to sip prior to meals, to prime digestion and get ready for dessert!

Swissotel Beijing, Hong Kong Macau Center is a great spot in the midst of a bustling city but for guests looking to stay in, they can find a full range of Vitality dishes on the hotel’s in-room dining menu. For a taste of the season, chefs incorporate seasonal flavours and in the process concoct new compositions of fresh juices including grapefruit cucumber, apple celery, and orange carrot. For guests on the move, the hotel’s lobby lounge, The Flow Lounge & Bar, also features the delicious refreshments for guests to enjoy before embarking on a busy day ahead.

Swissotel Nankai, Osaka in Japan houses a wholesome Vitality Menu featuring a variety of smoothies specifically aimed to give guests an extra boost of energy. As part of the in-room dining menu, guests can order four specially-crafted energy boosting smoothies including Mind Charge, with blueberries, low fat yogurt and honey; Invigorate with pineapple, banana and low fat yogurt; Get Up, perfect for those needing a kick start to their day or are running short on time, featuring fresh strawberries, kiwi and orange juice; and for guests with a sweeter palette, the must-try is the Swiss Chocolate Burst complete with Nutella, soy milk and of course, Swiss Chocolate. The energy boosting smoothies are a great way for guests to start their morning before a workout, long day of meetings or exploring the city.

For the business traveller, Swissotel The Stamford in the bustling city of Singapore offers a twist on a traditional coffee break, offering guests stationed in meetings a variety of healthy options to savour. From boosts of energy to digestive aids, the hotel serves up an appetizing roster of smoothies unique to the hotel. Fennel, a great source of calcium and potassium is the key ingredient in the hotel’s delicious Mango Spice Smoothie, built to aid the digestive system. With fruit as the driving ingredient, the Bananza, featuring Boiron passion fruit, banana and special cinnamon syrup acts as an antiseptic. Guava Palava and Blue Bear, contains everything from vitamin C to combat the everyday cold and magnesium to boost immune systems.

For busy families on the road, Swissotel Sydney offers a distinctly “down under” menu ideal for the entire family - mom, dad and the kids. It all starts with the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Guests can begin each day with a fresh fruit breakfast smoothie containing local Swissotel Sydney honey - straight from the hotel’s rooftop honeybees - yogurt, berry, bananas or strawberries. That’s not all, the hotel’s urban eatery, JPB offers a self-service juicer with freshly cut fruits so guests can customize and create their very own freshly squeezed juice. The a-la-carte menu features fresh fruit smoothies including mixed berry, mango, banana and strawberry as well as Detox Juice, including, Green Machine with spinach, celery, apple and cucumber and Energise with carrot, apple and ginger. For those with a sweet tooth, the hotel has a selection of decadent milkshakes, perfect for dessert and a special treat to unwind and enjoy quality time.

Superfoods like kale, ginger and blueberries are the stars of the show on Swissotel Chicago’s carefully crafted Vitality Menu. Using fresh, local products native to America’s Midwest, chefs work with area farms and produce distributors to provide guests with a true flavour of Chicago and its four seasons. A particular favourite, not to mention a great way to start the day, is the delicious Carrot Apple Ginger juice. Containing 8% of one’s daily recommended protein packed into a 129-calorie glass, this nutrient-rich beverage provides a number of benefits for the health-conscious traveller. In the spirit of raising-the-bar on healthy options, hotel bartenders are now using Superfoods in cocktail creations. This includes mint leaves, which enhance blood circulation, Goji berries to help fight off jetlag and strawberries to boost eye health and immunity.

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