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Sarajevo is an intersection of important roads from Eastern to Western Europe, from the Mediterranean basin to Central Europe, charmingly situated among it's breathtaking natural scenery, rivers, Olympic Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The city represents the style and atmosphere by which Swissotel is guided by and famous for – combining renowned, international hospitality standards, with local culture. Conveniently located where travelers want to be, Swissotel Sarajevo provides guests with the opportunity to stay in the heart of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they can confidently explore the very best Sarajevo has to offer, all within walking distance. This all comes together to provide guests with a unique travel experience.

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Swissotel Sarajevo is located in the city center, walking distance from the Old town, Baščaršija and the main shopping streets, Ferhadija and Titova streets. It is situated right next to some of the main Sarajevo tourist attractions, such as the beautiful tree alley, Wilson's Lane, ideal for relaxing walks, Unitic towers, the Parliament building, the Alta Shopping Center, and the biggest shopping mall in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo City Center (SCC), adjacent to the Swissotel. The Swissotel Sarajevo is conveniently positioned in the shopping, business and entertainment center of Sarajevo. The Airport is an approximately 20 minute drive from the Swissotel.

Swissotel Sarajevo

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Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the administrative, economic, cultural, business, tourist and educational center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, positioned at an intersection of important European roads. Explore Sarajevo's diverse culture and heritage, and indulge in the city's welcoming and friendly atmosphere, as well as the unique culinary scene that combines Balkan delights with Eastern flavors. Visit Sarajevo today and discover why the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina attracts and captivates travelers from all over the world.

Swissotel Sarajevo

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Swissotel Sarajevo

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