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Swissotel Grand Shanghai Suites Overview

Shanghai is a microcosm of modernity and tradition, both global and local. Check in to a spacious suite at Swissotel Grand Shanghai and experience the cosmopolitan city in its fullest. Our suites are designed to optimise your time in Shanghai. So, why not maximise productivity with our cutting-edge technology or run a deep bath and revitalise your mind and body? We’ve combined simple Swiss design with refined Chinese styles in an open space that is fitted with exquisite wooden décor and finely-upholstered furnishings. Impress guests or revel in a romantic break; our suites will suit your every need.

As part of Accor’s Planet 21 commitment and in accordance with the recently published government policy, effective July 1st, 2019, hotels in Shanghai will no longer pro-actively provide single-use products such as toothbrushes, combs, shower loofahs, razors, nail files and shoe brushes.

Join us in our sustainability efforts with simple actions such as traveling with reusable daily necessities. If necessary, please call the Swiss Service.

Commencing 1st March 2017, Shanghai Government Regulations make it an offence for anyone to smoke inside all hotels, including guest rooms, restaurants, meeting and banqueting rooms, all public and other areas.

Severe penalties in the form of fines will be strictly administered for both violators of the Regulations and establishments concerned. All guests and patrons of Swissotel GRAND Shanghai are therefore kindly requested and required to abide by these Regulations accordingly.

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