Swissotel Sustainability
Swissotel Sustainability
Swissotel Sustainability

Swissotel firmly believes that successful business and a corporate responsibility for sustainable development go hand-in-hand. We consider corporate sustainability in all aspects of our business to ensure that customers, team members, the environment, local communities and all our stakeholders understand and benefit from what we do.


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Wherever we operate we:

  • Aim to minimise the effect upon the environment
  • Strive to ensure the health and safety of team members, customers and other stakeholders
  • Communicate openly on sustainability issues
  • Maintain an open dialogue with the local communities in which we operate
  • Prefer to purchase from and sub-contract to companies who embrace sustainable development and ethical standards
  • Ensure that sustainability is a high priority for all team members
  • Report on our sustainability performance
  • Set targets to improve on performance and review progress
  • Listen to feedback from stakeholders

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Sustainability Report

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