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Room Combination Montreux & Geneva

  • Room Combination Montreux & Geneva

Room Combination Montreux & Geneva

Enjoy Convention service on the highest level. The combination of the two state-of-the-art rooms Montreux & Geneva on the first floor provides you meeting space of 170 m² (1830 ft²) and a maximum height of 3.2 m. Meetings for up to 158 people can take place in this room combination. Additionally, the rooms feature a loudspeaker system, LED decorative lighting and high-quality AMX touch panels.

- Natural daylight
- WiFi & broadband Internet access
- Cutting-edge audiovisual support
- Videoconferencing and loudspeaker system
- Air conditioning
- Simultaneous translation booths
- LED decorative lighting


170 m² (1830 ft²) with a height of 3.2 m


Combined Rooms for up to 158 participants

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