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Room Biel

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Room Biel

Enjoy Convention service on the highest level. The state-of-the-art Room Geneva is located on the first floor. On 65 m² (700 ft²) and a maximum height of 3.2 m meetings for up to 60 people can take place. Room Biel with its flexible walls can be combined with the neighboring rooms to larger meeting rooms or to the Lakeside Ballroom. It features a loudspeaker system, LED decorative lighting and high-quality AMX touch panels.

- Natural daylight
- WiFi & broadband INTERNET access
- Cutting-edge audiovisual support
- Videoconferencing and loudspeaker system
- Air conditioning
- Simultaneous translation booths
- LED decorative lighting


65 m² (700 ft²) with a height of 3.2 m


Meeting Room for up to 60 participant

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