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Swissotel Tallinn Estonia

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Swissotel Tallinn

Facial Treatment Pure Brightness for Your Skin

  • Facial Pure Brightness

60 min

75 €

Facial Treatment Pure Brightness for Your Skin

Innovative complete and effective treatment for oily and combination skin, based on decades of collective experience of Maria Galland brand experts in combating the appearance of ageing. Cleanses skin deeply, relieves inflammation, reduces pores, removes excess oil, supports skin from the inside and smoothes fine wrinkles. An ideal treatment for a dull complexion in need of revitalising. Meets the specific needs of oily and combination skin types. The unique blend maintains your skin’s hydration levels and protects against damaging environmental effects. Give your skin a smooth, bright, clear appearance! Clarity – pure brightness of your skin.

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Daily 09:00 - 21:00

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