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Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, Moscow

Spa Massages

  • Spa Massages at Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

Spa Massages

Purovel Mountain Meadow Massage 4,900 RUB / 6,300 RUB
This relaxing massage using pure mountain meadow essential oils produced in Switzerland makes your body melt. Slow, fluid movements applied with light pressure promote the blood flow in your muscles, relax tension, and revitalise and invigorate your body and mind. This massage creates a sensation of general well-being, mental relaxation, and offers a source of well-balanced energy.
60 / 90 min
Purovel Alpine Spring Massage 4,900 RUB / 6,300 RUB
A perfect invigorating massage based on Alpine spring essential oil for active people who need some muscle recovery. The Alpine spring essential oil clears your mind and breathing passages while the medium pressure massage strengthens muscles.
60 / 90 min
Purovel Mountain Stone Massage 4,900 RUB / 6,300 RUB
Hot mountain stone massage with Alpine spring blend is based on the ancient art of healing and the concept of the meridian system. Complemented by special massage techniques, the combination of hot stones and essential oils is wonderfully relaxing and warming, and has a healing effect on you physical and mental state. This is the ideal treatment to revitalise and harmonise your body and soul.
60 / 90 min
Rejuvenating Massage 3,100 RUB / 5,500 RUB / 6,700 RUB
Soothe your body and mind with our Rejuvenating Massage. Choose from a single therapy or create the massage combination you prefer. The treatment of Swedish, Deep Tissue or Shiatsu massage techniques will be tailored to the concerns of your body. The traditional Swedish massage promotes circulation while the concentrated pressure-sensitive Deep Tissue therapy will soothe, ease and relax tense muscles. Shiatsu massage will help restore balance between your body and mind.
30 / 60 min
Slimming Massage 3,500 RUB
This rather intensive massage is designed to target weight loss. Focusing on a part of your body selected by you, we use slimming massage oils to help rejuvenate neglected body areas and assist in the break-up of fatty tissue.
30 min
Sport Massage 3,500 RUB
This exhilarating massage uses firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation and release toxins from your muscles. Relaxes tension and removes energy blocks, thus promoting the healing process. This massage will leave you feeling revived.
30 min
Foot Massage 3,000 RUB
This massage focuses on specific points of the foot and can help alleviate any ailment anywhere in the body. According to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. This massage is therefore effective in stimulating the functions of your internal organs.
30 min

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