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Swissotel Lima Signature Treatments


Our Oro Fit gym and fitness centre presents guests with an impressive range of cutting-edge Technogym equipment, followed by the tempting prospect of a pampering session in our calm and tranquil spa. Signature treatments here include Deep Tissue Massages, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massages to release muscle tension and melt away stress. Inhale the fragrance of a meadow of Alpine flowers encapsulated in our essences and oils. After a blissful massage, recline in a Jacuzzi bubbling with the natural essence of juniper, sandalwood and ginseng for an invigorating start to your day.

Aroma therapy at Swissotel Lima

Aroma therapy

Aroma therapy massage

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Body Therapies at Swissotel Lima

Body Therapies

Relaxing massage

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Deep Tissue Massage at Swissotel Lima

Deep Tissue Massage

Releasing muscle tension

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Energising Massage at Swissotel Lima

Express Energising Massage

Reducing stress & fatigue

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Hydrotherapy at Swissotel Lima


Optimise your massage

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Hot Stone Massage at Swissotel Lima

Hot Stone Massage

Ancient Inspiration

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Oro Fit Signature Massage at Swissotel Lima

Oro Fit Signature Massage

An exclusive combination

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Relieving Massage at Swissotel Lima

Relieving Massage

Therapeutic massage

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Shiatsu Massage at Swissotel Lima

Shiatsu Massage

Balancing Massage

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Relaxing Four Hands Massage at Swissotel Lima

Relaxing Four Hands Massage

Two therapists

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Sports Massage at Swissotel Lima

Sports Massage

Relieves muscle pain

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Swissotel Lima

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Ancient Inspiration

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Reflexology Massage at Swissotel Lima

Reflexology Massage

Pressure point therapy

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Ultimate Anti-Age

Ultimate Anti-Age

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Pindas Massage at Swissotel Lima

Pindas Massage


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Gold Endulge at Swissotel Lima

Gold Endulge


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Swissotel Signature Massage at Swissotel Lima

Swissotel Signature Massage


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Caviar Therapy at Swissotel Lima

Caviar Therapy


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Eternal Young at Swissotel Lima

Eternal Young


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Av. Santo Toribio 173-Via Central 150, Centro Empresarial Real, San Isidro, 15073, Peru

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