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Swissotel The Bosphorus, Istanbul

Caffe Vergnano

  • Caffe Vergnano by Swiss Gourmet
  • Caffe Vergnano by Swiss Gourmet

Caffe Vergnano

Swiss Gourmet together with Caffe Vergnano, offers you a great blend of coffee and patisserie.

From homemade cakes to fresh bakery products, from jams and marmalades to chocolates, it adds daily flavor to countless choices.

Caffè Vergnano brings you Italian coffee in every sip. You will not be able to give up the unique taste of traditional roasted coffee prepared with the best quailty coffee beans.

If you have time, make a warm start to the day on our spacious terrace. If you are in a hurry; take your quick package and enjoy Swiss Gourmet Delicacies.

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Phone: +90 212 326 11 00