Any change that happens in the body happens in the mind first. In today’s rush, we all overthink, do too much and overlook the joy of just being, which brings many powerful benefits such as reducing stress and increasing productivity.

We want you to live life well by encouraging you to live in the moment. That’s why we offer plenty of ways to take time to unwind, rebalance and inspire the mind with our Vitality philosophy and programme.

Indulge your curiosity with our Swiss-inspired podcasts
Curated by Swiss journalist and film producer Myriam Zumbühl, these inspirational podcasts explore some of life’s important questions.

Inspire your mind and spark joy with our illustrated postcards
Designed by Sebastian Fässler, Alpine goldsmith, illustrator and craftsman, our six themed postcards are paired with podcasts. Download your selected episode and colour in the accompanying postcard - an exercise proven to slow you down.

Enjoy the moment, with a little help from us
You’ll find plenty to help you unwind. Our menu of relaxing Alpine-inspired spa and wellness treatments will ease away any tensions. While our Worry Eaters will gobble up any dark and gloomy anxieties for our little guests. And, many of our hotels curate Five Senses Craft Experiences inspired by local traditions, as well as Sand Mandalas which soothe the mind.

Health and happiness go hand-in-hand and our Vitality for Mind is not a standalone approach. Discover Vitality for the body.