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Kids of Kolkata

Kids of Kolkata
SOS Kinderdorf
Kids of Kolkata


Sharing a meal with 400 guests, Swissotel Zurich's general manager, Mr. Marc Ohlendorf, got people buzzing about the grand opening of Le Muh restaurant in 2011. And he discovered a previously unknown talent as an auctioneer, when the event raised more than CHF 7'500 for SOS Children’s Villages in Kolkata, India. What created such buzz? It was the opportunity to name a resident queen bee.

With an estimated 14 million people living within its boundaries, Kolkata is a city bursting at the seams. Millions of families live in makeshift slums without services of any kind. Providing adequate shelter and food for their children is a constant struggle. When the burden proves too much, children are left in the care of relatives, often in the same dire circumstances, or abandoned and forced to fend for themselves on the streets.

SOS Children’s Villages has been there to help since 1977. A central goal of the Kolkata work is to support families in a way that enables them to stay together and provide stability, nourishment, medical care and education for their children. When this isn’t possible, children are brought to an SOS Children’s Villages home where they find a safe haven with brothers and sisters, regular meals, and educational and emotional support until they reach maturity. When the children are ready to leave their SOS families, they find additional support in the SOS Youth Programme, which provides vocational training, avenues to pursue higher education and job search assistance.

By helping the children in Kolkata, our Le Muh fundraising event brought our long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship together in a single evening. Our rooftop beehives provide Le Muh with local honey and bolster a declining honeybee population. Our resident un-named queen bees provided Mr. Ohlendorf with an opportunity to raise funds for an important cause while creating a memorable event for our guests.

During our 15-year partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, we have raised more than CHF 250'000 for orphaned and abandoned children. When we come together, we can accomplish amazing things in the life of a child. When you share this post with friends and family, you join us in transforming the world one child at a time.

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