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After The Earthquake

After The Earthquake
SOS Kinderdorf
After The Earthquake


Johanne, a bright, sweet-natured girl, was only 12 when she was orphaned in Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake on January 12, 2010. Her mother had died when she was an infant and her father, the only family she had left, was killed when the earthquake struck.

More than 230,000 people lost their lives that day and as many as 3 million more lost loved ones, homes, schools, livelihoods and access to medical attention and food. Half of those affected were children. A dire situation was created when Port-au-Prince, the capital of this impoverished country and the epicenter of the massive earthquake, crumbled. Thousands of civil servants were killed or seriously wounded, public buildings were destroyed and social services halted in mere moments. Although there was suddenly unprecedented need, there was no longer a system for delivering aid.

Immediately after the earthquake, SOS Children’s Villages stepped in to deliver food, establish safe havens, administer medical attention and offer emotional support to tens of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children like Johanne. Although they worked quickly and efficiently, the alarming living conditions persisted in the months and years after the earthquake.

Moved to improve the quality of life of Haitian children after the earthquake, Swissotel Berlin and Swissotel Bremen team members in Germany raised more than 3,000 Euro. Because of donations like theirs and the unwavering dedication of SOS Children’s Villages in Haiti, Johanne, and thousands of children like her, have hope for a better future.

SOS Children’s Villages has been working for children’s rights since 1949. Operating in more than a hundred countries, SOS Children’s Villages brings aid to orphaned and abandoned children in challenging circumstances.

This year Swissotel Hotels & Resorts celebrates 15 years of partnering with SOS Children’s Villages. In addition to corporate sponsorship, we encourage individual hotels, team members and guests to support the numerous worthwhile endeavors of SOS Children’s Villages International.

There is still more to be done for orphaned and abandoned children worldwide. You can help raise awareness and improve the quality of life for kids everywhere by sharing this story with friends and family on your Facebook page. Each time you do, you’re helping raise funds to make a life-changing difference for children like Johanne.

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