Spa Vitalities

Detox Body Wrap 5800 RUB
This body wrap pulls out toxins and replaces them with nutrients that are good for your body. This detoxification process can help to release excess fat that is stored in the body due to toxic buildup. It will also improve your overall health, since these toxins can cause serious health problems if they are left for too long.
90 min
Firming Body Wrap 5800 RUB
Especially beneficial to reduce the appearance of cellulite, this body treatment will stimulate, tone, smooth and refine problem areas. It improves your blood circulation and metabolism, fills your body with energy and vitality, and tones & moisturises your skin.
90 min
Chocolate Body Wrap 5800 RUB
Chocolate can make you feel good even if you don't eat it. Under the caressing and healing effect of chocolate, your skin becomes soft, supple and acquires a healthy, luminous glow. Moreover, chocolate aroma is a known mood-enhancer: it has a stimulating and refreshing effect.
90 min
Strawberry Body Wrap 5800 RUB
This relaxing luxury beauty ritual is the beginning of a smoother, silkier body and is tailored to your needs. The natural yoghurt and strawberry body mask will make your skin as smooth silk, with a slight strawberry scent.
90 min
Gentle Body Scrub 4000 RUB
Our body scrub not only purifies, softens and smoothens your skin, it also removes surface impurities and leaves your skin smooth and revitalised. Your pores are refined, for a radiant, more youthful appearance.
40 min
Classic Manicure 2000 RUB
Your hands will receive all the necessary care. Your nails and cuticles are groomed in detail, the skin is moisturised with a hydrating hand lotion and fingernails are finished, polished, or buffed to your desire. Relax and let your thoughts slip away as you enjoy a relaxing massage from your hand to your elbow.  
Spa Manicure 2500 RUB
In addition to the Classic Manicure, this treatment incorporates an exfoliating aromatic scrub. A nourishing mask is gently applied to your hands and then followed with an invigorating hand and arm massage. A beautiful treatment to soften, enrich and recondition your hands. Relax and let your thoughts slip away as you enjoy a relaxing massage from your hand to your elbow.  
Paraffin Hand Treatment 1000 RUB
Paraffin thermotherapy increases circulation to renew tissue, moisturises dry skin from the inside out, allowing you to get back to your active hands-on lifestyle.  
Classic Pedicure 3100 RUB
Our Classic Pedicure offers you precise toenail, cuticle and sole grooming care. A mineral salt exfoliation gives you beautifully soft skin and is followed by a slow comforting foot massage to dissolve stress. Your toenails are finished, polished or buffed – whichever you prefer.  
Spa Pedicure 3850 RUB
Indulge your hard-working feet with our Spa Pedicure. Experience total pampering, meticulous nail, cuticle and sole grooming, a revitalising leg treatment and a tension-relieving massage for absolute pleasure. Toenails are polished or buffed for a flawless finish. Feel refreshed to your very sole.  
One Day Access 2100 RUB




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