Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach


  • YUHI RESTAURANT at Swissotel Resort, Bodrum Beach
  • YUHI RESTAURANT at Swissotel Resort, Bodrum Beach


At Yûhi Restaurant, located atop Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach, you'll really feel like you're high above the clouds as the unique flavors of Asia and the Mediterranean mingle to fly you away on a gourmet journey. Only the star-studded sky and the sea's noctiluca phosphorescence could enhance our restaurant's panoramic views Bodrum and the idyllic Aegean. At the bar our chef's display their mastery of the culinary arts with original recipes while also once again proving themselves virtuosos of sushi and sashimi. A favorite among Bodrum's most selective residents, Yûhi Restaurant's personalized service, dynamic and energetic atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy life at the top.

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Dress Code: Classy Casual
Capacity: 64


Phone: +90 252 311 33 33

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